What We Do

CollegeBound Coaching helps middle and high school students, grades 7-12, fulfill their potential and realize their dreams, while helping their parents work through the challenging, often difficult teenage years.

College Preparation and Admissions

Recognizing that gaining admission into college is more competitive than ever before, CollegeBound Coaching focuses on helping students through our Student Life Coaching approach to college preparation and admissions.

Unlike other college consulting services which provide guidance as to where to apply and assistance with the applications themselves, we focus our time and attention upon better preparing students for college, while better positioning them for admission.

Campus Coaches

Through our Student Life Coaching approach to college preparation and admissions, we partner our growing network of qualified, experienced professionals with our high-achieving, well-trained college students — our Campus Coaches – to provide high school students with the help and support they need from their peers.

Campus Connections

Our personalized, customized college visit service — Campus Connections — provides high school students and their parents with direct access to our network of carefully-selected, well-trained college students who provide them with invaluable, in-depth information about the various aspects of student life which are important to them.

Our Campus Connections college visit service increases the productivity of the time and money families spend traveling to campuses across the country.

Recognizing that college tuition has never been more costly and transfer rates never as high, CollegeBound Coaching offers to help families to make better informed decisions — the first time.

Community Service

Recognizing how important it is for high school students to demonstrate interest in community service,College CollegeBound Coaching has created a non-profit organization, CollegeBound Community Services, to help teenagers to develop leadership skills by creating their own community service programs.

CollegeBound Community Services also helps parents to learn more about the entire college admissions process through educational workshops conducted in local communities, and awards scholarships to deserving, underprivileged students seeking help with college preparation and admissions.

For more information, visit www.collegeboundcommunityservices.org or www.facebook.com/collegeboundcommunityservices.

Financial Aid Consulting

We also offer parents expert financial aid consulting services provided by our certified college planners who are able to help parents to take advantage of sophisticated strategies designed to realize significant cost savings.

Scholarship Aid

As we are committed to helping teenagers regardless of their socio-economic background, we offer to provide need-based scholarships to deserving students who are unable to pay the full cost of our consulting services through our own non-profit organization, CollegeBound Community Services.