College Admissions

As we recognize that gaining admission to college is the most important goal of many of our clients, we pride ourselves upon our professional acumen in this critical area.

Student Life Coaching

It is through our Student Life Coaching approach to college preparation and admissions that we are able to provide our clients with a clear, competitive advantage throughout this highly competitive, often stressful process.

Rather than simply helping students to decide where to apply and assisting them in completing their applications, we offer individualized, structured coaching services geared to improve academic performance, maximize extracurricular productivity, elevate SAT/ACT scoring, and generally, to better position them for gaining admission to the colleges of their choice.

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Campus Coaches

Our Campus Coaches – our network of high-achieving college students whom we have trained to mentor high school students under our close, watchful supervision — play an integral role in helping our clients throughout the college admissions process.

Our Campus Coaches provide high school students with the benefit of their own experience in balancing their time between completing their applications, writing essays, preparing for the SATs and/or ACTs, maintaining their focus on schoolwork, on extracurricular activities, and on community service — all while leading increasingly active social lives.

They are often better able to connect with high school students than most college advisors, guidance counselors, tutors – even their own parents.

Professional Partners

Of course, we do not rely upon our Campus Coaches to provide our clients with the expert guidance they need throughout the admissions process.

Our qualified, experienced college advisors, tutors, and other professionals partner with our Campus Coaches to:

  • Identify the important factors for each student in selecting colleges, including school size, geographic location, affordability, etc.;
  • Prepare a target list of colleges for each student based on the factors identified above and the student’s academic record and standardized test scores;
  • Recommend print and online resources for each student to help them research the colleges on their list;
  • Work with each student and their parents to schedule college visits, taking full advantage of our network of Campus Connections;
  • Help each student to prepare for the SATs, ACTs and/or other standardized testing, recommending tutors when necessary;
  • Assist each student with completing their essays in an organized, timely manner;
  • Ensure that each student meets all deadlines for applications and supporting materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc.).

No two students are alike.  We take the time to get to know each of our clients, in order to identify schools where they are likely to be happy and successful – then help them gain admission to the colleges of their choice.

Our Competitive Advantage

It is through our Student Life Coaching approach to college admissions that we are able to provide your child with a competitive advantage.

Partnering our Campus Coaches with our network of college advisors, tutors and others, we work closely with your child to:

  • Reach peak academic performance
  • Increase SAT/ACT test scores
  • Maximize extracurricular productivity
  • Deepen commitment to community service
  • Craft noteworthy, meaningful essays
  • Prepare for interviews

In today’s highly competitive world of college admissions, we believe that we can positively impact upon the difference between an acceptance and a rejection by motivating and inspiring your child to strive to reach his or her full potential.

That is the essence of Student Life Coaching.  That is the CollegeBound Coaching difference.

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