College Preparation

As we began working with high school students to help them to gain admission to college, we quickly learned that many of them regretted how they had approached their high school experience, realizing that they could have placed themselves in a better position had they prioritized their time differently.

That was when we decided to focus on helping teenagers to fulfill their potential by assisting them in better balancing their lives between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and their increasingly busy social lives, thereby better positioning themselves for the college admissions process.

Student Life Coaching

We begin working with students as early as eighth and ninth grade in order to enhance their personal growth through the formative years leading up to college.

We teach them to set aggressive, attainable, measurable goals, as we monitor their progress through established benchmarks.  We then make absolutely certain to celebrate their individual accomplishments along the way with their family!

This Student Life Coaching approach, which introduces students to the importance of managing one’s time in order to meet agreed-upon goals, is often not learned until after college, typically not until one enters the workforce.

Through this unique Student Life Coaching approach to college preparation, we instill core values of accountability, responsibility, and self-discipline, while building self-esteem. In sum, we coach teenagers to believe in themselves.

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Campus Coaches

In order to better connect with teenagers, we hire and train highly motivated, highly personable college students to serve as our Campus Coaches.

Our Campus Coaches support our network of professional partners by mentoring students throughout the Student Life Coaching process.

As Campus Coaches have themselves faced the myriad of challenges confronting teenagers, they are ideally suited to working closely with them, teaching them to balance their time increasingly difficult schoolwork, increasingly demanding extracurricular activities and increasingly busy social lives.

We strongly encourage parents to consider providing us with the opportunity to work with their children as early as possible, in order to fully benefit from our Student Life Coaching methodology.

We will instill some of life’s most important skills so that by the time they apply to college, they will have already learned to strive to reach their full potential.

Private High School Admissions

Recognizing that more and more parents are considering sending their children to private high schools and prep schools, we also provide our professional admissions services so as to help find the best match for each student, to help them craft their essays and prepare for their interviews, and to help parents secure whatever financial aid may be available.

Contact us for further information regarding our Student Life Coaching and/or private high school admissions services.