Who We Are

CollegeBound Coaching and Campus Connections was founded by a couple of Harvard College classmates – Phil Sloan and Steve Maislin – who decided in mid-life to shift the focus of their careers so as to inspire and motivate high school students to realize their dreams.

Phil and Steve wanted to do more than just help teenagers to gain admission to college. They wanted to help prepare teenagers for life’s journey by instilling in them a strong, unwavering belief in their ability to reach their full potential.

CollegeBound Coaching has since evolved so as to now offer college preparation and admissions consulting services to middle and high school students and their parents through a unique approach called Student Life Coaching.

By leveraging our fast-growing network of high-achieving, well-trained college students, called Campus Coaches, we are able to connect with a wide range of teenagers, grades 7-12, towards developing essential life skills such as                goal-setting, prioritization and time management.

As we recognize that the college admissions process is never been more competitive, nor more costly, we focus much of our time and attention towards helping our clients to identify which schools are the best match for them, then providing them with our expertise and our experience to gain admission.

Certified members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), Steve and Phil are trained to help high school students navigate the college admissions process.

Having learned that family dynamics play an integral role in this entire process, we  work closely with parents to make certain that their children are applying to those schools which meet their financial requirements, and that their applications are completed on time, relieving as much of their stress as possible.

Understand what an important role college visit play in choosing where to apply and ultimately attend school, we are able to leverage our fast-growing network of college students whom we have trained to conduct personalized, online and on-campus visits through our new and innovative service, called Campus Connections.

Through our Campus Connections, we are able to provide high school students and their parents with more in-depth information about specific aspects of student life on campus than is typically available through group tours offered by the colleges themselves.

With transfer rates and tuition costs soaring higher than ever, we strive to help families to select the right college for them — the first time!

Most recently, we have expanded our personalized, online and on-campus college visit services to include international students – International Campus Connections – through which students from all over the world can connect with other students from their own countries who are attending college in the United States what student life is really like at their schools – academically, socially, culturally, and religiously.

Just as we continue to grow our network of carefully selected, well-trained college students, we are building a select partner network of qualified, experienced professionals to provide our clients with the combined benefit of our collective resources.

We work closely with Financial Aid Consultants to assess our clients’ financial needs and finalize our college lists based on accessing merit-based aid. With tuitions more costly than ever, we recognize the importance of helping parents to pay for their children’s college educations.

We also work closely with our SAT/ACT Prep and Essay-Writing Tutors to help our clients to achieve their college admission goals.

Most importantly, we focus on delivering the highest level of individual client care, so as to help families through this challenging, often stressful time in their lives.

Inspiration. Motivation. Celebration. That is the essence of Student Life Coaching. That is the CollegeBound Coaching difference. That is Who We Are.